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75 Bridal Clutches to Finish Your Wedding Day Look

Brides have a tendency to leave thinking about their bridal clutch until the last minute – and I’m talking morning off the wedding… Far too often I’ve heard stories of a green Coles eco bag stuffed under the bridal table filled with all the brides essentials! The bridal clutch however will literally be your saving grace throughout the night, holding all of your essentials and in case of emergency items. From makeup touch ups to bandaids, safety pins to bobby pins – it is the holy grail. So why not upgrade from a Coles eco bag to something that fits the part!

My top tip for a bridal clutch is there are no rules! Have something classic that compliments your overall look perfectly or make the clutch a statement piece that will attract plenty of compliments when people walk past the bridal table.

For size you can go anywhere from a little wristlet or pouch all the way up to a cross body bag. Most brides tend to opt for a clutch – but be sure it has a removal chain because you’ll want your hands to be free as much as possible.

The most popular colours are something that compliments your overall look rather than detracts from it. Whites, ivories nudes and blushes do this perfectly, but you can also choose to match it in with your other accessories with a statement silver, gold or rose gold clutch. If you want to be really #trending, go for a clear, acrylic, tassel or wood clutch. Here are some of our favourites:

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