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Choosing Your Dream Ring

Choose your desired diamond shape.

There is a vast range of diamond shapes available to choose from. Not to be confused with the cut of a diamond, a diamond’s “shape” refers to its physical form, whereas the cut of a diamond refers to the way in which the diamond is cut, how many facets the diamonds contains and the dispersion of light.

Decide on each of the four C’s.

The quality and value of a diamond is determined by measuring four key characteristics: colour, cut, clarity and carat weight. Each characteristic is measured on its own scale, with each diamond often embodying its own unique features. Be sure to discuss these 4 c’s with your jeweller so that you are familiar with the type of diamonds in your ring.

Choose your preferred materials.

With a range of materials available for your ring’s band and settings (each of which can alter the look, feel and value of your ring), your next step will be to decide on your preference both in taste and how each will work in conjunction with the overall ring design and diamonds in your ring.

Decide on whether to create a bespoke piece.

Having evaluated all of the options available to you and having gained a clear understanding of your tastes and the products available at your selected jeweller, you can now evaluate the pieces on display in the boutique and make an informed choice as to whether you would like to select one from the boutique or create your own bespoke ring.

Matthew’s final piece of advice would be to:

Consider which diamond shapes and styles will best complement your hand/fingers.

Ensure you build a solid rapport with your jeweller and that they are clear about what it is you are looking for in your dream engagement ring.

Speak up – it’s a collaborative process so don’t be afraid to voice your opinions, especially if the final result isn’t what you were hoping for.

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