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Clair De Lune – Chosen By One Day

Chosen By One Day is renowned for their modern take on bridal, which is why I was beyond excited to see what was to come in the lace collection, Clair De Lune.

The collection consists of six gowns which were created for the edgy, fashion forward – one who moonlights as a hopeless romantic.

Shot amongst rolling salt flats, Clair De Lune shines as the sun was setting and the moon came out – creating a moody glow that perfectly compliments the collection.

Translated from French, the collection name means ‘light of the moon’ or ‘moonlight’ and is the titled of the acclaimed poem by Paul Verlaine.

The poem is about a journey exploring the authors soul in hopes of finding himself under the moonlight. 

Moonlight Your soul is a select landscape Where charming masqueraders and bergamaskers go Playing the lute and dancing and almost Sad beneath their fantastic disguises. All sing in a minor key Of victorious love and the opportune life, They do not seem to believe in their happiness And their song mingles with the moonlight, With the still moonlight, sad and beautiful, That sets the birds dreaming in the trees And the fountains sobbing in ecstasy, The tall slender fountains among marble statues.Paul Verlaine, 1869

The collection is available online now and ready to be shipped complimentary. For the first time ever, much to the joy of modern brides everywhere, they are also accepting returns exclusively on the Clair De Lune collection!

Creative Credits

Gowns // Chosen by One Day Photo // Emily Delphine HMUA // Monica Gingold Beauty Styling & Creative Direction // Kyha Simpson & Stephanie Neilsen

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