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Darling Documentaries

Photographers and videographers are must-haves for your walk down the aisle, but there’s now a new kind of documentary to treasure throughout your happily ever after.

We caught up with former magazine editor Jenna Meade to chat about her fresh venture, Darling Documentaries, where she’s penning special day love stories for newlyweds.

Inspired by a career in magazines, the documentaries are an intimate look at couples’ most magical moments – the ones you never want to forget.

“One of the most common things a newlywed will tell you is that their day flew by in the blink of an eye,” Jenna says. “Like so many other important moments in life – think of overseas travel from years back – a wedding day can quickly fade. This is a great way to capture it.”

Weddings are so varied now, and we often don’t have the chance to invite everyone along. One of these beauties can show those people who weren’t there – or couldn’t be there – just how special the day was.

Because the package includes both printed and digital copies of the documentary, it’s also a beautiful gesture to send out to say thank you to guests, and to show future generations how the love story played out.

Jenna describes it as the finishing touch to a couple’s special day repertoire.

“Photography and videography are must-haves at weddings these days, but the written word paints such an intimate picture; it’s the heartfelt narrative of a wedding,” she says. “They’ve got their photos and their video – the documentary is a niche in the market which completes the package and offers a little extra love to soak up.”

The idea bloomed from years of experience in the industry where she was given the honour of writing about couple’s special days for bridal magazines.

“My favourite stories were always those from the heart – the warm and fuzzy ones from two soulmates who had just started their forevers together,” she says. “Writing about a big day is like an exclusive invite inside two lovers’ hearts. You get to see their eyes light up as they describe how they felt walking down the aisle, their excitement as they recall the moment they found ‘the’ dress and their blissful happiness as they reminisce about dancing the night away surrounded by their nearest and dearest.”

A Darling Documentary package includes a high-quality A4 print of the documentary, and a digital file that can be circulated or used to print extra copies. There’s a choice of three professionally-designed templates, priced at $350, which feature at least one photo to complement the love story. Each is named after Ms Meade’s favourite couples.

There’s the Ross & Rachel in honour of the sweet soulmates from Friends; the Beyonce & Jay-Z, arguably the planet’s coolest couple; and the Zoe & Hamish, inspired by local lovebirds Zoe Foster-Blake and Hamish Blake. “We aspire to these great loves, and they each have their own unique appeal which is reflected in the design,” she says.

Other options are available, including a Through Their Eyes package from the bridal party where the bridesmaids and groomsmen can show the newlyweds what went on behind the scenes, gift vouchers and an exclusive Front Row package where Jenna can personally attend the wedding.

“This is an intimate look at the wedding from all angles,” she says. “From getting ready with the girls in the morning, to the final send-off, this option provides total coverage of the big day.”

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