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Elle + Adhira & Daphne Newman on the veil

When I ask brides whether they’re thinking about wearing a veil on their big day, my heart breaks a little every time I hear them say no because it’s too ‘Old Fashion’ or ‘Dowdy’. Once one of my brides compared it to wearing her grandmas curtains over her face,  I don’t think I’ve ever gotten over it! I’ll admit the tradition behind the veil is outdated and on many levels just offensive – but I tell every bride just to try one on so they can make an informed decision… and nine brides out of ten, once they’ve seen it on they’ve been converted. 

The amazing girls behind the bridal accessory brand Elle + Adhira have collaborated with renowned Canadian Designer Daphne Newman to introduce their own range of veils. So to celebrate the launch, I sat down with the ladies to ask them about their thoughts on veils. 

What length veil do you think is most in fashion? 

Helen at Elle + Adhira: We would definitely say the longer veils, either Chapel or Cathedral. 

Daphne at Daphne Newman: We believe the longer veil is more flattering for many styles, and really highlights and completes the bridal look without taking away from the details of the dress. The drama of the length is so romantic, and makes for some amazing photos!

When should a bride take the veil off? 

Helen at Elle + Adhira: This is entirely up to the bride, and really depends on her personal style. Some brides like to remove the veil after their ceremony, to transition into a more cocktail party inspired look for their reception (sometimes along with a quick hair change, lipstick etc.). However, we have had brides keep the veil in for almost the whole reception too. 

Daphne at Daphne Newman: It is absolutely gorgeous draped over the brides arm (also used as a method of carrying it), and looks so stunning incorporated into the first dance. After that, veil out- party on!

What was the inspiration behind this range?

Daphne Newman: Being our first collection of veils designed for the Australian market, we were inspired by the Aussie bride herself. She is confident, stylish and in tune with her individuality, all of which are represented in her bridal look. We wanted to be sure that each piece was unique, not only in the market but also from each other to ensure they spoke to a number of brides and their styles.

Are you in love with these veils as much as I am? Luckily for all brides out there – Elle + Adhira’s want to give brides access to the perpetually unobtainable art of couture, at ready-to-wear prices. All veils are available to purchase from their website

Tell me more about the collection!

Penelope: A veil featuring scatters of hand-made 3D flowers and beadwork 

Nahla: A jewelled veil of crystals, pearls and tiny glass beads

Amelie: A scalloped Alecon lace veil that works for bohemian and classic aesthetics equally 


Model – @phoebeohh

Gown – @cleoborrello

Photography – @maravisuals

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