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The Untamed

Wind, rain, sun, sea beach and rocks. The feeling of being free, wild and untamed – there is a great sense of beauty in the femininity of this shoot.

The Cliffs of Dover make for the most stunning backdrop for this styled shoot, and there’s good reason the team picked the rugged coast line – to compliment the ethos of the gowns. These Luna Bea gowns are created with beautiful fabrics and are ethically and sustainably made.

These Luna Bea gowns are made to continue the traditions of the past, to use the natural fibre of silk that compliment and honour women as they are.

For women who travel lightly on this earth, leaving only marks of compassion and kindness for all they come into contact with, both from the soil and others souls.We feel the earth under our feet, the ocean in our hearts, the warmth of the sun, and the wind in our soul. For the women who have not lost their wild. — Lou the designer behind Luna Bea

Photographer Jeroen Noordzij captured the beauty of this shoot with raw, wild, emotive images that encapsulate the power of women.

The silk gowns take on a life of their own when released into nature in this shoot. Each piece is unique, flowing, softly caressing the skin one moment and swirling in a diaphanous whirlpool the next. The fabric and it’s silhouettes are full of life, movement and sensuality. Of all the fabrics it’s the one that comes closest to capturing the embodiment of the powerful female.

Creative Credits

Location // The Cliffs of Dover Dresses // Luna Bea Model // Ishika Sharma  Photographer // Jeroen Noordzij

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