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Want to style your home together?

Planning becomes addictive! Once the wedding is over, I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time before you want to start planning something else. So why not start planning your dream home with your new husband? It can be the first thing that is yours together, and that’s something to get excited about!

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1. Start off fresh

Moving in with your significant other should be a fresh start for both of you. If you’ve followed the previous tip and taken stock of your belongings, you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of extras that don’t need to make the move. In order to start off with a clean slate, keep your own items that have a sentimental value, and get rid of all the rest. This provides the opportunity to have your interior collectively represent both of you as individuals, and as a couple as well.

2. Agree on a Style

Before you move in together, it’s important to take a look at each other’s belongings and determine what you plan on utilising in your soon-to-be home. Since each decking out seperate rooms can create a disjointed look and flow to your house, you’ll need to establish an in-between style with which you’re both comfortable. Find a happy medium and run with it.

3. Select the right colour palette

With one consistent colour palette, you can combine several different styles into the interior of any room. Find tones that you and your partner can agree on, and stick with them throughout the decorating process. My number one tip for this is to embrace neutral colours, rather than anything too masculine or too feminine. This Duck Egg blue throw and cushion from Marks & Spencer are perfect examples!

4. Make the decisions together

In order to find an interior style that you both like, you’ll have to do the shopping together. This doesn’t have to be a daunting task – not everything has to be as hectic a weekend visit to Ikea! Think some online shopping, try Marks and Spencers online shop – it has everything including accessories, bedding, bathroom accessories as well as cooking and dining.

5. Combine different styles of furniture

I know number 2 said agree on a style – but if your personalities mesh well enough, your different tastes should too! One of the best decorating tips for couples that are moving in together is to combine their different, but complementary, styles of furniture pieces into the interior of their home. You can combine two different styles within your interior a number of ways – for example if one of you loves a particular style of couch, get the other to pick out colourful accent pillows so that the end result is something you both can love!

This Pom-Pom throw shows how easy it is to subtly insert your personality and style into decorating without going overboard.

These decorating tips will help you make all the right decisions when turning your new house into a home. It’s important to create an interior that you will both love: one that both people can kick their feet up in, and feel invited and comfortable.

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