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Your Perfect Wedding Day Smile – Part 1

Your wedding is one of the happiest days of your life – so it’s only logical that you’ll be spending so much of the day smiling! So it’s only natural that brides want a pearly smile.

Emily Rose Hannon

I’ve spent many months trying to master the bridal glow side of it, and after an Oxygen facial, an Enzyme facial and a Picosure laser treatment (results coming soon!) – I think I’ve nailed it. So now I’m on the quest to find the best way for brides-to-be to whiten their teeth and achieve the perfect pearly white smile.

First stop – at home teeth whitening kits. Because we’re so used to doing everything else in the comfort of our own homes – why should teeth whitening be any different?! I’ve road tested with a kit from gogo Smile. They sent through trays that you mould yourself to fit your teeth (think primary school days moulding your mouth guards) – you then put the gel in the trays and there is also an LED accelerator light to accelerate the process.

I’m only a few days in but I’m definitely noticing a whiter smile! I’ve done teeth whitening through dentists in the past – and have found that with these at home trays I’m definitely having less issues with teeth sensitivity as I can control the amount of product I use as well as how long I leave them on my teeth for. However, I have found it a little bit harder to target individual teeth more than at the dentist as the trays do not mould quite as accurately as those created by the dentist. But if you’re just looking to brighten your teeth by a few shades – this is an amazing alternative for only a fraction of the price! 

 I’d recommend starting a month or more out from your wedding to give you enough time to build up gradually to ensure you don’t have any tooth sensitivity on your big day. 

What’s really cool is gogo Smile sell a couples kit – so you and your groom-to-be can both work on your pearly whites together! #couplegoals

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