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30 Best Bedrooms Styling Inspo

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

As many of you know we’ve just made the move from Melbourne back to Perth, and although this meant a very long drive along the Nullarbor and what seemed like endless packing – it does come with some perks… namely getting to start from scratch in designing our house back in the West! We’re starting with the bedroom because having somewhere to sleep is pretty high up on our priority list – so while I’ve been spending hours Pinterest getting my own inspiration, I thought I’d post a few of my favourite spaces to save you the time!If you aren’t starting from scratch but still want to transform your bedroom, there are some really quick and relatively inexpensive ways to do so;

  1. Swap out your rug and display cushions for a pop of colour or texture.

  2. Get new artwork to hang above the bed. This is the perfect opportunity to support local as you can find plenty of incredible artists near you via Etsy or Instagram.

  3. Add natural elements, wood is my favourite but rattan is trending in a big way so you can look at incorporating stylish baskets and light fixtures.

  4. For an addition that’s totally on trend and will score you high in the feng shui stakes – add some foliage.

  5. For the ultimate ambience transformation, opt for a new statement light fixture, whether it’s hanging in the room or if you get some new lamps for your bedside table.

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