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Madi Lane Bridal - MARRAKECH

Escape with Madi Lane Bridal to the magical city of Morocco’s Marrakech and experience their stunning 2020 collection ‘MARRAKECH’.

This collection was inspired by the mysterious city’s infusion of cultures - European, Middle Eastern and African, with this dynamic blend of diversity reflected in each unique design. The collection features detachable gown accessories including sheer feather-light sleeves, dramatic overskirts and whimsical capes - the epitome of grace, coupled with a little drama, for the bride-to-be looking for a romantic and modern personalised twist to their bridal vision.

‘Madi Lane’s signature colours of mocha, champagne and nude undertones accentuate the lace patina and textural layers, which so many Madi Lane brides have come to love as a contrasting feature. The timeless silhouette influence within the Fall 2020 designs, coupled with our ever-present modern laces and accents, bring a strong, dynamic range of designs to the worldwide bridal industry.’

Creative Director and Head Designer -- Liz Young

Endless and abundant palms adorning luxurious Riads provided a picturesque backdrop for

the rich and buttery European crepe designs and the luxurious adorned beaded styles. Sculpted stone columned arches, billowing fabric drapes, and crystalline water displays featured heavily in the location chosen to present these designs.

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Pure Envy
Pure Envy
May 16, 2021

Awesome Photography!!! Check out our Engagement Rings adelaide collection.

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