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Our Favourite Melbourne Wedding Photographers

Updated: May 1

Having lived in Melbourne for many years, we were privileged to work with some of the country's leading wedding photographers who are now sought after by fashionable couples across the globe. This has given us first hand insight to the Melbourne wedding industry, and we are proud to say these talented creatives have been handpicked based on their experience, aesthetic and overall vibe.

So without further ado, here is our curated guide to the very best wedding photographers based in Melbourne, Australia.

Lei Lei Clavey

Lei Lei shoots style-conscious couples with an editorial edge, drawing on her background in fashion editorial photography. She has an incredible eye for detail and capturing the true essence of a wedding, with her shots radiating poetic beauty that invites you in to feel the emotion of the day.

Bianca Virtue

Bianca Virtue, an immensely talented and passionate International Wedding Photographer, calls Melbourne, Australia her home base. With nearly a decade of experience in capturing weddings professionally across the globe, Bianca firmly believes in documenting each wedding as it naturally unfolds, capturing the heartfelt moments and genuine emotions that make each celebration unique. Her work is distinctively characterized by her signature edit and style, which has garnered recognition and admiration from couples all around the world.

Lost In Love

Obsessed with finding and capturing beauty in people, moments and surroundings, Lost In Love photograph weddings worldwide but call Melbourne home. With a background in fashion and commercial photography, they are known for capturing effortlessly editorial photographs, infused with genuine emotions and personality. Flattering silhouettes, pastel tones, stunning backdrops and light filled photographs have become synonymous with Lost In Love.

Chloe May Studio

Chloe's style is about creating poetic light to capture raw and honest moments between people, holding a certain feeling that is forever remembered through the photograph. Classic, light-filled portraits and romantic, editorial moments of modern lovers. Chloe and her team expertly capture the excitement, little moments and emotions of the day naturally, beautifully and unobtrusively. 

Erin Neale

Erin Neale is renowned for her potent and emotive photography; her intuitive and artful storytelling. Founder one of Australia’s leading wedding studios – Erin & Tara, her work quickly became highly sought after and instantly recognizable, the emotional resonance of her images now iconic; the influence of her work, seen globally. Soulfully weaving together narrative and detail, her work blends an almost documentary style candour with the elegance and sophistication of high-end editorial.

Kinship By Kristy

Kristy is a wedding and editorial photographer based in Melbourne and Gippsland. She creates ethereal and romantic imagery in an editorial and documentary style. Kristy is drawn to quiet moments with heartfelt connections, unguarded beauty, motion and low light. With a strong affinity to timeless, elegant black and white imagery, she is inspired by her couples and tells each story honestly, artfully and stylishly - So that each frame is oozing with their unique love and affection.

Blossom Daisy Creative

Cassandra Catic, the immensly talented photographer behind Blossom Daisy Creative. Having studied a BA of Photography, she's as technically trained as she is creative. She captures your love story in frames that will be cherished as future family heirlooms. With a whimsical style that's focused on connection, Cass truly takes the time to get to know each of her couples which makes them feel truly at ease on their wedding day.


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