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An Organised Life x Together Journal Wedding Planner

A magazine editor and a stationer walk into a café… and begin a collaboration that has resulted in one of the most fashionable and functional items. Introducing  An Organised Life x Together Journal Wedding Planner. 12 months in the making, the collaboration between Together Journal editor Greta Kenyon and An Organised Life founder Beck Wadworth, it’s a must-have wedding essential for bride and grooms to be.

This collaboration blends Beck’s background in design and stationery with Greta’s wealth of wedding-industry knowledge to create the ultimate compendium for brides and grooms. 

The result of their shared passion is one of the most stylish wedding planners you’ll ever see, a compendium filled with 14 sections providing everything you need to arrange your day, not forgetting the occasions before and after. Very importantly, unlike other wedding planners on the global market, this one is suitable for a diverse audience and all types of couples and unions. Designed to last and be kept forever as a precious memento in its elegant gold-embossed box. There is even a Reflect section to record your highlights from the day, so when your memory fades, they won’t.

“The first-hand tips are so useful, everyone’s big day is different, so we made sure we got advice on weddings big and small, and planning everything down to the finer details as well as organising more low-key affairs”.  Designer/stationer Beck.

The wedding planner is retailing at $75 AUD and will be available for delivery in late June from An Organised Life or Together Journal.

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