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Berta Bridal – Fall Winter 2016 Bridal Collection

Berta Berta’s new collection is a sophisticated creation that pushes the boundaries of bridal fashion even more than before. It is high fashion in the form of bridal wear.

True to her style and uncompromising craftsmanship, each Berta design is composed from many different materials and beadwork, all from the highest quality. This approach results in a collection that is unlike anything else. Truly unique and avant-garde. The only limits of this collection lays in the imagination of the bride wearing it, and a bride wearing BERTA is making a very clear statement about herself.

The inspiration for this collection came from the materials themselves. Instead of searching for inspirations on the outside, this time Berta decided to look inside. Into the beauty and depth of the exquisite laces, shiny stones and soft chiffons. The raw materials are what gave life to this extraordinary collection. The new Berta Bridal designs give a feel of an artwork, with emphasised sequences and patterns, they are meant to standout, and never leave the mind of those who have seen them in person.

As important as the design itself, the famous Berta fit is very distinguished in this collection as well. Meant to accentuate the brides’ natural physic, and not overcome it, what these gowns do to the female body is pure magic. The modern, self-confidant and sophisticated bride, will feel as if those creations were made custom for her – and that’s because they really were, as this is the kind of bride that Berta envisions while designing her dear creations.






Where to Find Berta


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