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Interstellar by Cassandra Renee

Who doesn’t love a little bit of Haute Couture? The Interstellar collection by Cassandra Renee celebrates celestial beauty and empowerment. Through outline and embrace a woman’s feminine curves, the collection is a seamless fusion of linear detailing, metallics, embellished textures and sleek silhouettes.

The gowns interpret contemporary femininity through contrasting features playing with the juxtaposition of strength and delicacy. Classic cuts take on a modern edge and intricate fine laces intersect with sensual transparency.

Lustrous textiles, adornments of sequins and beads interconnect with geometric lines and black and metallic hues to portray the beauty of darkness meeting light, injecting a sense of confidence and allure.

Cassandra Renee is based in Melbourne, all of the gowns in her collection are custom made and handcrafted from the finest sourced fabrics.

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