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Joe Black Insider Panel

You know any night where you get to hang out with

Jason Grech, Kate Hastilow, the celebrity stylist for Channel 9, and Alexander from Mr Theodore is going to be an incredible night! That’s why I didn’t hesitate to throw my hand up to join them for the Joe Black Industry Insiders night.

Surrounded by Jason Grech’s gorgeous gowns and the ever dapper Joe Black suits – the night was filled with wedding inspiration and an exclusive look at what will be trending this wedding season.

For men, the white suit is making a come back, as are light weight fabrics like linen and cotton blends.

Of course, the dapper look that Joe Black does so well is here to stay. I’m loving it in navy and charcoal – the colours are breathing fresh life into the classic look.

Be sure to follow Joe Black on Instagram to find out when they organise their next event – they’re not to be missed!

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