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CHOSEN By One Day Bridal has just released their April 2019 collection, LIMONCELLO. It once again epitomises the modern day bridal – fashion forward, chic, and oh so sexy.

Shot amongst the meandering streets and romantic shopfronts of Capri, Italy, the collection is affectionately named ‘LIMONCELLO’ as a toast to the team’s time in Capri. Limoncello is made from the zest of ripe and delicious lemons that grow in the beautiful region of Capri, and is said to be Mother Nature’s gift to humans. On their last day in Capri the team spent a halcyon day on a boat sipping homemade limoncello and basking in the Italian summer.

By name and nature, the Limoncello collection encapsulates the modern bride – refreshing, intoxicating and always on trend. Showcasing the newest range of custom embellished pieces, our first pant, cape and a number of romantic gowns perfect for the bride moving away from tradition and making a statement on their One Day.

Creative Credits

Gowns by Chosen By One Day Campaign Photography by Emily Abay Lookbook Photography by Lauren Schulz Hair and Makeup by Monica Gingold Beauty Styling and Creative Direction Kyha Simpson and Stephanie Neilsen, assisted by Stephanie Bartels

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