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Our Guide to Engagement Ring Designers

We all focus so much attention on the process of saying ‘yes to the dress’ – but that can all be considered child’s play when compared with choosing an engagement ring. When you compare the two, you’ll wear your wedding dress for just a day whereas your ring will be with you forever.

I’ve compiled a mini directory of my favourite local and international engagement ring designers to make finding the ring that much easier.

Anna Sheffield

Anna Sheffield is known for alternative engagement rings with black, grey and champagne diamonds and her curved nesting bands. Based in New York and West Hollywood, her engagement rings are the perfect balance between cool and classic and understandably have grown a cult following.

Alexis Russell

Alexis Russell is a risk-taker, she constantly pushes the boundaries of modern jewellery design by combining raw, organic elements of nature with elegantly refined angles of metals and cuts of stones. The result is uncompromising collections of chic, unassuming engagement rings that creative women can feel comfortable and confident wearing.

Ashley Zhang

Ashley Zhang Jewellery is a collection rings and custom made designs that values quality, design, individuality, and craftsmanship over fashion. She strives to create high quality one of a kind designs which comes with sentimental values to the to-be-owner that will last a lifetime.

Cassandra Mamone

Cassandra Mamone is a South Australian jeweller whose aesthetic is unmistakable. Often featuring on trend yet timeless pieces, Cassandra’s creations encapsulate classic designs with unique inspiration. Each piece features intricacies that have refined the craftsmanship of jewellery, which can only be produced by hand. The designer has chosen to set a ruby, her birthstone, on the inside of the luxury engagement bands, to ensure each piece is unmistakably recognisable as a Cassandra Mamone piece.

Everett Fine Jewellery

Everett is a New York City based fine jewellery line by designer Alexandra Cole Nelson. Inspired by her relaxed California roots paired with the timeless aesthetic of her new home, New York City, Everett embodies the fusion of the East and West coasts. By setting simple, clean designs with complex and brilliant stones, each piece makes a statement.

Faith Jewels

Faith is an artisan of love and a weaver of dreams – turning precious gems into beautiful visions of love; interpreting every emotion into meaningful designs with a story behind each jewel.

Inspired by the old world elegance of renaissance age and the opulent detailing of baroque architecture, Faith’s jewellery style evokes true romanticism with a strong art deco influence.

Based in Victoria, Australia.

Grew & Co

Grew & Co is an Australian fine jewellery design house based out of Sydney, New South Wales which has amassed a cult following around the world. Founded by gemmologists Simon and Gabrielle Grew in 2006, Grew & Co is built on a fascination for the rare and precious.

Jade Trau

Jade Trau reinterprets vintage inspirations to produces classic yet contemporary pieces of jewellery that tell a compelling story that connect wearers across generations. The pieces are manufactured and hand in New York City with the intention for the creations to become an extension of the wearer and empowers self-expression.


HLSK started in founder Hannah Stewart’s parents garage in Melbourne in 2013. Fast forward a few years to now and it’s been shown at Paris and New York Fashion Week, been featured in Vogue, ELLE, Harpers Bazaar and Who What Wear and Miley Cyrus, Candice Swanepoel and Kylie Jenner are amongst it’s fans.


KATKIM is a perfect option for a sustainable bride. In a world of mass production, every piece of KATKIM is handmade in Los Angeles, California by artisans. Their diamonds are conflict free and they use recycled gold whenever possible. Expect clean lines and unexpected shapes from these stunning pieces.


Kara Breadmore is the designer behind Melbourne based Ka’llure Jewellery. She takes you on the journey start to finish to materialise all of your ideas and inspiration into a beautiful, glimmering memento of your love.

House of K’dor

House of K’dor Engagement Rings feature some of the most exquisite diamonds in the world that hold a unique sparkle and clarity, which allow them to shine with a captivating spirit.

Local Eclectic

If you’re after small indie designers that create engagement rings that are unique as they are beautiful – look no forward than Local Eclectic. It’s a platform that showcases emerging and indie jewellery designers with the world.


Linneys is a West Australian family owned jeweller which was established in 1972 and maintains the reputation of one of Australia’s finest jewellers. They combine traditional techniques with advanced technology to transforming raw precious metals, sparkling gems and lustrous pearls into wearable works of art.

Louise Jean Jewellery

Louise Jean is a designer based on the Sunshine Coast who uses ethically sourced & eco-conscious materials to create timeless pieces that represent elegance, versatility and quality.

Marrow Fine

After being in a corporate grind for 15 years, Jillian started Marrow as a passion project. It allowed the rock nerd in her to flourish while tapping into a stream of creativity that was ready to come forth in the form of new jewellery designs. It very quickly snowballed and evolved and now offers capsule collections that play with unique stone combinations and distinct design. Made in California.

Melanie Casey

Lovers of gemstones, Melanie Casey is the jewellery designer for you. Her pieces are limited edition handmade beauties using the most unique and hard-to-find gemstones. Based in Andover, Massachuesetts.

Natalie Marie Jewellery

With a background in fashion and fine arts, goldsmith Natalie has created a label which has at its heart an ethos based on connection, sentiment and originality. Natalie Marie Jewellery was born out of a passion for beautiful objects, a natural appreciation for the handcrafted, and a desire to create. Each piece is created by hand in Sydney.

Nicholas Haywood

Nicholas Haywood Jewellery Concierge is based in Sydney and offers an extensive range of ready to wear finery and a bespoke service that focus’s on personalisation and working to design and create a special unique piece as a collaboration.

Paul Bram

Paul Bram has been operating in Melbourne since 1927. For 80 years they have been specialising in diamonds and precious stones and have a large range of engagement rings for Melbourne brides.


Having lived in Milan, The Hague, and Sydney Tania Gnecchi Ruscone’s style is a perfect fusion of modern simplicity and traditional artisan design. Tania’s desire to create meaningful and intimate objects inspired her to launch RUUSK, a jewellery studio that crafts handmade heirlooms with recycled and mindfully sourced precious materials. Her designs are intended for modern women who want to express their unique beauty and spirit while embodying their personal histories and stories. Each consciously designed piece aims to inspire an emotional connection that stands the test of time. RUUSK is based in Sydney, Australia.


SARAH & SEBASTIAN was founded on the principles of understated luxury and avant-garde innovation, encouraging refined self-expression. Born in New South Wales, Australia, their archetypal silhouettes are informed by nature and reveal an organic interpretation of visual art. Unique details and balanced design are anchored in multi-disciplinary processes to intrigue discerning individuals.

Inspired by virtues of self-expression, restraint and a passion for design, WHITE is their truly unique and personal vision of the engagement ring. It is all about the intimate approach refining the creation process by inviting you to become part of the story. Composed from a selection of bespoke elements, WHITE gives you the freedom to create something sentimental and truly yours.

Sofia Kaman

Sofia Kaman started making jewellery in 2000 at her kitchen table. Many wax carvings later, Sofia’s gem-filled dreams evolved into a prolific body of work known for its unique mix of organic and elegant elements, vintage and modern stylings. Made in Los Angeles with ethical and sustainable materials.

Selin Kent

Selin Kent is a New York-based jewellery designer who hails from Istanbul, Turkey. Her engagement rings are characterised by minimalist clean lines and architectural forms with a sense of playfulness coming through. Elegance and balance in her designs are achieved through careful consideration of geometry and proposition and the results are modern staples that are understated yet striking.

Single Stone

After a vintage engagement ring? Vintage loving brides, Single Stone is for you. They uses only vintage diamonds in their antique inspired settings and heirloom quality fine jewellery that are made in downtown LA.

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