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Pandora Craftmanship Brunch

Have you ever tried on a piece of jewellery and contemplated the amount of thought and time put into it, from design to creation? I was lucky enough to be given an insight into the amount of effort and love put into the creation of PANDORA’s pieces with fellow bloggers at a special Craftmanship brunch.

Each piece passes through an average of 30 pairs of hands, from creation to the finished product you see in their stores. I got to watch some of the incredible craftspeople from Thailand who had come over to share with us their incredible skills.

The morning gave me a new appreciation of the sheer effort that goes into such tiny pieces of jewellery, and showed me why PANDORA is famous for design and craftsmanship!

#pandora #charms #howarepandoracharmsmade #craftmanship #jewellery #pandoracharms

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