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Side Hustle Success Story

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Party with Lenzo and General Assembly got together to host Side Hustle Success Stories and invited me along to share my journey as The White Files

With over 350 registered, 140 in attendance and plenty more tuning into the live feed from home – the room was absolutely buzzing with the creative, entrepreneurial energy that make side hustlers amazing. 

I was privileged to share a platform with such strong and inspirational female panelists, made only more fitting given it was international women’s day. The other speaks included Kylie Lewis, Elleni Pearce from Party with Lenzo, Nash Teelow from Canvas HouseEmelia Jackson from Emelia Jackson Cake Design and Ruby Lee, all of which have created thriving side hustles that are now their full-time careers.

Now it was a bit inaccurate for me to be speaking along side such incredible women – as I’m technically not a side hustle success story… Yet! I’m still juggling the corporate world with freelance work and The White Files, but I hope my work in progress will be able to inspire you a little bit none the less.

For those who couldn’t make it or tune in – here’s a quick recap of the story of The White Files and what I’ve learnt along the way…

Ella Zampatti

The Story of The White Files

After I had literally sold the same dress 20 times in one wedding season I decided to go online to look at other stores, other designers to see what else was out there than this lace mermaid strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline.

So I started a separate Instagram account where I started posting some of the stunning dresses that I was finding on my searches just to keep as a personal file. When people first started following the account I was surprised, but after a while when more and more came, I  realised it was something other people were struggling with. It’s easy enough to know all the big names in bridal as general knowledge, but so hard for brides who have just become engaged to suddenly enter this crazy world and find the abundance of local talent Australia has to offer.

After a while of reposting other peoples stunning content I had the urge to create my own which has become by far my favourite part of The White Files. There’s nothing more exciting than collaborating with like minded creatives!

At the start of this year I decided to take another leap and pair what I do professionally (Public Relations in the Corporate World) with what I do on the side. So I started doing PR, Branding & Social Media Management for wedding industry creatives.

I work with a number of incredibly talented people and help them with their marketing to help connect them with brides and show the world what they’re all about. Find out more at The Social Files here.

What I’ve learnt a long the way

Just do it

  1. I hate to be cliché and steal Nike’s tag line, but I can’t stress it enough. Just do it. Whatever idea you have – roll with it. Start it today. There’s never going to be a ‘good time’ to start something, so just make NOW a good time.

 Don’t be afraid to be small

  1. Things don’t have to be perfect straight away. If you have a business idea, start testing the waters today! Create a minimal viable product so you can get it in front of potential customers and get feedback from the start. The agile process is so much more efficient and it will save you SO much time and money! I know that your inner perfectionist will cringe when your logo is one pixel off what it should be and you’ll never be able to see past that flaw – but when you put together all the times you hold off to get something just right, it adds up!

Stop comparisons

  1. A big learning of mine is the need to stop comparing myself to others. I’ve learnt that it’s not going to get you anywhere – and you’ll just feel really sad. I try to unhook from comparisons, and stop seeing people as my competitions and start seeing them as my allies. After all, we’re all in this together, we all experience the same hardships and the same joys. The wedding industry in particular can be a crazy place – so we all need to stick together to make it through the craziness! I say stop comparing and competing and start collaborating.

Be Smart With Your Time

  1.  While I’m juggling my career and side hustle I haven’t had the luxury of time. In order to take my inbox down to zero once in a while I’ve had to be really smart with how I go about prioritising things. I’ve made waking up an hour earlier part of my everyday routine. It means I’m able to sip at a coffee and read my emails in peace, before the demands of everyday life start back up.

I’ll start sharing more resources for bridal bosses soon! From basic business skills to focused tips on how to reach your bridal audience through marketing, social media and public relations. Send me an email if you have any questions

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