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Suzanne Harward RTW 2017

Suzanne Harward

RTW 2017

She’s the sophisticate of her milieu and finds comfort in classicism.

She redefines beauty in her laissez-faire approach to living.

She turns heads with her unassuming elegance.

She’s an understated image-maker who takes pleasure in the extraordinary.

The collection captures and holds her attention, embodying her timeless style with its structural style cues. Each piece ignites her creative nature; she sees her future glimmering with possibility. Her liberation transcends the desire to fit in.

Combining couture techniques with contemporary design influence, Suzanne Harward’s 2017 RTW collection is fresh and for the individualist.

You can view these extraordinary and strictly limited edition gowns at the Suzanne Harward showroom in Melbourne. Consultations are by appointment only and can be made by calling +61 3 8415 0688 or visiting their website.

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