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Wedding Jewellery Trends in 2019

The engagement ring has long been the anxiety-inducing, highly expensive purchasing decision poured over by partners everywhere. So we’ve asked Grew&Co co-founder Gabrielle Grew about the top wedding jewellery trends – and apparently that big shiny rock you may be picturing is unlikely to be the popular ring choice of 2019…

Loved up Gen X and Y couples are opting for a diverse array of coloured gemstones, which for many years have been overlooked. Couple this with the fascinating new trends in geometrical cuts and 2019’s jewellery trends are a recipe for individuality, personality and flair.

Popular gems for 2019 rings

Champagne Diamonds

Warm and incredibly bright, champagne diamonds are one of the most popular gemstone choices in 2019, already. Pair it with a minimalist rose gold setting and you have a dazzling, sparkly alternative to white diamonds with warm yellow tones.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Much deeper and darker in their colouring, salt and pepper diamonds are proving to gain popularity as a very strong contrast to traditional white diamond rings. Depending on the unique stone and cut, salt and pepper diamonds can create quite a bold statement. They’re beautiful when surrounded by lighter stone clusters to accentuate the colour contrast, too.

Australian Parti Sapphires

Incredibly unique from stone to stone, varying shades of blue, green and yellow create a rich teal colour seen in Australian parti sapphires.

Pastel shades of Sapphires & Spinel

Brides are seeking unique colours, rarity and non-classical shapes. Pastel pinks and blues are becoming increasingly popular alongside the evolution in wedding dresses and ceremonies that reflect individual personalities rather than tradition.

Cuts, shape and style

It’s not purely gemstone choices that are being shaken up in 2019, it’s also the way in which they are cut, shaped and styled. Certain cuts accentuate colour and brightness, suiting different stones, and 2019 is the year for unique expression in jewellery – so why not display a unique stone in a unique way?

From kites, bullet, hexagonal and coffin-like gemstone cuts, customers have a vast range to choose from. The solitaire design of the traditional white diamond cluster will always have its place in history. It is a timeless design and showcases a single gem as its hero encompassing key principles that matter. However, merging the traditional styles with contemporary and relatable pieces are at the heart of 2019 jewellery trends.

Within our own collection, we’ve seen shape trends that use classic, central shapes that are accentuated with fancy shaped shoulder stones like our Orla ring. In contrast, geometric shaped smaller stones clustered together in our Joy and Spray designs showcase a beautiful blend of old and new concepts. Our most popular design this year is the Icicle collection, which features varied sizes of mixed shape diamonds clustered and suspended together in warm golds that make each shape pop.

Choosing a gemstone

It’s an exciting time to either custom design or purchase pre-cut jewellery. The choices available are diverse, and there are incredibly unique options when it comes to uncommonly promoted (and often undervalued) gemstones.

When choosing the right coloured gemstone, we see trends focused around a mix of the colour and the rarity, both of which are an indication of the wearer’s mood or personality. Australian Parti Sapphires, for example, can display varying shades of blue, green and yellow to create a rich teal colour. Each Parti Sapphire is unique and can showcase different colour hints that will appeal to different people.

Even better news? Some of these gemstone alternatives that are trending for 2019 are significantly more affordable than their white diamond counterparts. Embrace your creative side and choose jewellery that is unique to you in both colour and shape.

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