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What’s Next in Bridal Trends

We’re already over halfway through 2017, where has the year gone?! It’s already the time of the year that we’re looking forward to 2018 to see what trends will be making waves in the wedding industry.

The Devil is in the Detail

Although the Boho and ‘Bridechilla’ movement have been strong over the past few years, I have a feeling 2018 will see an increase in brides embracing statement gowns. The sheer look has made its way from runway to weddings in the past few years – and I’m expecting a few brave brides to continue with this.

First Sheer gown by Georgia Young. Shot by Kas Richards for The White Files

Second Sheer gown by Suzanne Harward. Shot by Kas Richards for The White Files


As soon as it seems like all modesty in wedding gowns has gone out the window (I mean, see above) long sleeves make their way back into fashion. As much as women love to rock the bell sleeve in their everyday look, now they can do the same on their wedding day. Full on flute sleeves make for so much fun when it comes to dancing.

Gown by Suzanne Harward. Shot by Kas Richards for The White Files

Black is Big

Traditions and all the outdated meanings behind them are on their way out. Already a few designers have released sneak peaks of their next collection – and there are black dresses. Although some people out there will be waiting for the world to implode when they first see a bride in black, I think this trend will quickly catch on for fashion forward brides.

Many brides who wear black on a day to day basis struggle with the idea of wearing white on their wedding day as it’s just not their style. And let’s face it, why would you want to look like anything but your true self on your big day? Wear what you love – no matter what colour that is.

Black gowns by Silvana Tedesco. Shot by Kylee Yee

Don’t Leave Your Accessories until Last

Accessories are the perfect way to add that extra bit of your personality into your wedding day look. If you spend every day in sneakers, why would you deal with the pain of heels on your big day? Throw on your favourite pair of cons and your favourite jacket with your gown for the perfect Off Duty Street Style vibe.

Shot by Jenna Fahey White for The White Files. Dress by Shane Mcconnell Couture.

Jacket by Alli K Design

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