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Winter Bridesmaids Dresses

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

I love winter weddings – the colour palettes for the moodier, more intimate ceremonies are always divine – and cloudy, overcast skies make for the best photos! Some brides struggle when dressing themselves and their bridal party in the colder months – with the trusty strapless options sending literal shivers down their spines at the thought. I’ve pulled some of my top winter bridesmaid dresses recommendations to make it easier to get started!

When you’re looking – stick to colours that look warm – because #fakeittilyoumakeit. Opt for autumn shades such as black, navy, burgundy or emerald shades to really tick that box – they’ll also give an opulent, luxe feel to your big day.

Next go for dresses made out of thicker fabrics, not only are they more flattering but they’ll keep the goosebumps at bay.

In terms of cuts, the more coverage the better. If possible opt for either high necks, long sleeves or even off the shoulder for that added little bit of warmth. If you’re still sold on the spaghetti strap or strapless look, go for a midi or maxi length to keep your bridesmaids legs warm!

If all else fails, coloured faux furs are gorgeous and add beautiful texture to your look as a bride tribe. Customised denim or leather jackets are another perfect look that work both as a beautiful statement as well as practical pieces! If you’re after a more traditional look, matching pashmina throws for the brides can be worn when they need to warm back up!





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