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Cathleen Jia x The White Files Collaboration Collection

The Cathleen Jia x The White Files collaboration was born out of our shared desire to redefine the way of celebrating love and individuality for a modern wave of brides.

We wanted to create something that transcends the realm of bridal, breaking traditions, borders and expectations. Something that is in line with our values of sustainability, and something that simplifies the way brides shop for their gown. We’re so excited to finally introduce our collection to you…

Cathleen has had over ten years experience in the bridal industry and has established herself internationally as a leader in modern and romantic bridal styles. I’ve brought my unique insight into the industry, as well as my background working in Commerce and Communications to help the collection reach brides around the world. In coming together for this collection, we’ve brought together our unique expertise and skill sets to create something that brides really want.

We both know that modern brides are wanting something new and different. They don’t want to be held back by tradition, or their proximity to leading bridal designers. They don’t want to purchase brands that aren’t in line with their own values and don’t respect the environment.

“We know brides want something unexpected, but also something they’re comfortable in.“

The fifteen piece collection features gowns, skirts, tops and statement belts. Brides can combine the pieces to create a unique look that best shows off their style and personality.

The pieces are consciously produced and are made to order in an effort to minimise as much wastage as possible. Fabrics were hand sourced in our journey to the silk capital of the world, China, and the collection is hand made to order in Melbourne.

The collection is filled with ease and fluidity – perfectly balanced between fashion forward looks and comfort. In line with our sustainable mindset, the pieces have been designed to be wearable beyond the big day and will become a favourite piece of bride’s wardrobes that they can continue to love and wear forever.

“We’re both passionate about raising awareness of sustainability in the bridal industry, so we’ve took our brides on the journey of our production process.”

The pieces are true to Cathleen’s renowned aesthetic of effortless, relaxed and flattering fits. It’s filled with beautiful little detail that we hand sourced on our trip to finish the dresses in a truly individual and unique way.

“We want our brides to feel beautiful and feminine. In pieces that remain effortlessly, stylish and comfortable throughout your wedding day and still wearable long after.”

The collection is available exclusively online via The White Files, with free shipping worldwide so every bride can look and feel amazing in the new collection.

Creative Credits

Photographer // Jess La Frankie Hair & Makeup // Makeup by Sophie Knox Location // EDITION Toorak, Samuel Property Model // Caroline

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