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There’s nothing more exciting for me than when one of my favourite designers reveals that they’re working on a new collection. I literally get goosebumps over sneak peaks and countdown the days until the campaign photos arrive in my inbox so I can share them with you all. That’s why I’m so incredibly excited to share the collection, Nouvelle Artisan, by one of my favourite Sydney designers Delila Fox.

The collection was designed for the inspired bride, a unique woman who has a wicked sense of sophistication. A sophisticated kind of nomad who stays true to her sleek, minimal preferences but is known, to over indulge in an element of surprise. The Nouvelle Artisan bride is no wallflower and is beautifully unique.

The collection was inspired by a new artisan, a juxtaposition between sleek, minimal elements with bold and textured prints and silhouette. It seamlessly merges clean lines with artisan techniques. You can see the influence of modern architecture and abstract art in the dresses – each an ode to a new era of creativity.

It features a unique series of production techniques including intricate hand beaded embroideries and hand sewn lace applique. Taking over 26 weeks to produce and over 520 hours of hand beading this is perhaps their most treasured series of creations to date. Each and every dress hand beaded with ancient artisan techniques.

Photographer //  Lana Ivanova

H&M // Veronika Moriera

Model // Eliza Humble

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