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Interview with Bridal Accessory Designer Jeanette Maree

Jeanette Maree has been putting the finishing touches on thousands of bridal looks for over 20 years. During this time she’s earned herself the title of Australia’s most awarded designer of bridal jewellery and accessories. One step into her High Street boutique and you’ll find out why…


As a designer, where do you draw your inspiration from?

My customers. As I talk and listen to each bride that passes my door I am always thinking about their needs and wants. It may be a metal finish, design concept or even what materials I use. This can influence what I create and often results in small runs of a design, making the pieces more unique to the bride.

My second influence is the components themselves. I love having design sessions where I can just sit and create. After many years creating jewellery I find that I can create many pieces in my mind when I can sit and think through the complete creation process and eliminate problems. Always late at night I’ll sit with decades of components in front of me and ideas will form, it’s very fluid and with no particular end in mind. Just creating for the love of making beautiful pieces.

Jeanette Maree

What is one accessory you find is most often overlooked in bridal looks?

Easily the bracelet, for so many brides it’s an after thought.

I tell so many brides about how much a bracelet can add to the overall look on the wedding day. Whether you’re cutting the cake, signing the registry or putting the ring on, all these moments are very special and snapped by the photographer, trust me that added bit of sparkle can add so much.

jeanette maree

Do you have a muse, or are you inspired to design pieces for a certain type of woman? Who is she?

Simply put I create for today’s bride, whatever that entails.

I find that so many companies bring out a range and want the women to fit in their style, I’m the opposite. All of my pieces derive from seeing what women want on their wedding day and making my range around that, our range is so diverse in styles it can be confusing but with our unique consultation service we cater from European princess to Boho bride and everything in between.

Jeanette Maree

What can brides expect walking into your boutique?

When a bride enters my boutique they are met with shelves overflowing with headpieces, shoes , jewellery, veils and friendly professional staff. We great each bride and explain out unique services from customisable shoes and made to order headpieces. While everyone is welcome in the store during business hours, today’s bride loves options and we offer so many during our one on one styling session. We discuss the dress, venue, hair and so much more to understand her needs offering invaluable advice and creating her own unique look for the wedding day.


What is your favourite part of your job?

My favourite part of my job is these styling sessions, watching the brides face light up as I put her hair up and showing how to wear a headpiece. It’s often these small thing that make a difference and fitting a bracelet or changing a heel height can mean so much to a bride. I love that this service is unique to my boutique, and brides do too – I think that’s why we are Australia’s most awarded bridal boutique.


What’s it like to see photos of brides wearing your creations?

I wouldn’t be lying if I said it was like how Christmas feels to a child! When I see that pretty envelope I just know I’m going to see a radiant bride, looking amazing and so happy. A lot now come through email, Instagram or Facebook – but each time I get excited and also a little bit chuffed to know I’ve helped in my small way and reading their reviews magnifies how the time we take with each bride means everything.

I love it, it’s my greatest achievement!

jeanette maree

Want to know more about Jeanette Maree and her designs?

Jeanette Maree
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