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L’eto Bridal La Europa 2019

Crafting an undeniably feminine experience of beauty for the self-possessed woman, L’eto Bridal embodies an effortless representation of elegance in their eight piece collection, La Europa.

Fresh beaded motifs of sparkling fronds scatter brilliance on the lustrous silks and deliver a sense of lightness throughout, an ode to the design elements that designer Anya Ostapenko has been paying homage to in her contemporary brand.

Bridal separates return with a newness this season, and another star piece includes a strongly feminine asymmetrical gown with extravagant, crisp pleats, and other elements that echo the lines of classic French architecture.

The lavishness of these gowns are heightened being shot in the estate of Chateau de Villete; a stately backdrop that holds the secrets and stories of Europe’s history of culture and art to our muses, the women of the world who know how to appreciate the finer things of life and everything between.

Disover the journey of fine details and silhouettes provoked by this richness and discover what grandiose dreams await you in La Europa 2019.

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