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Ritual Unions - Shine

Ritual Unions latest bridal collection, Shine, encourages brides to listen to their inner voice and show their true self.

The designer, Karin Brettmeister, describes this collection as something of great importance to her - as it was created listening only to her inner voice while ignoring the noise and opinions from the outside. In a sense this collection is an embodiment of her - showing who she is as both an artist and her designer.

"I want to encourage women to show themselves with all their edges and flaws. To shine, and that from inside" -- Designer Karin Brettmeister

Ritual Unions is all about modern, courage and brilliance. The designs are Avantgarde, where boldness meets progressive silhouettes - and the line between bridal and fashion blurs offering cool alternatives to the classic look.

What we love most about Ritual Unions it that their collection is handmade in Berlin, with it's production rooted in traditional couture craftsmanship. Using only the best fabrics like silk and lace sourced from around Europe, and following sustainable practises and an eco-friendly mindset.

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