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Summer Wine by Georgia Young

The latest collection SUMMER WINE by one of my favourite Melbourne designers, Georgia Young, draws on the iconic architecture and rich artistic traditions that is the ‘Floating City of Venice’. Venice continues to respect its rich artistic history whilst positioning itself as a contemporary city, continuing to evolve and create new traditions in the modern world.

The SUMMER WINE collection pays homage to this ideation by acknowledging the elegant and classic notions of a wedding gown whilst creating new traditions through custom fabrication and linear bindings. PROSECCO, AMORE, CAPRI, AMALFI and SOFIA, this progressive five piece collection reflects Georgia Youngs style of the modern bride – bold, contemporary, yet harmonious.

SUMMER WINE gowns are available to order worldwide in sizes 6-16, handcrafted in Melbourne and available via their Melbourne Studio or through their exclusive stockists.

Creative Credits

Gowns: Georgia Young Couture // WEB // @georgiayoungcouture

Photographer: Bianca Virtue // WEB // @biancavirtue

 Makeup: Hilary Holmes  // WEB  //  @hilaryholmesmakeup

Hair: Anni from Hilary Homes // @anni_hilaryholmesmakeup

Model: Daria Pershina // @dpershina

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