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Groom Files: Trends for Grooms in 2020 with InStitchu

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

We sat down with InStitchu to discuss what trends are emerging in groom and groomsmen outfits in 2020.

What trends are you seeing emerge in Groom and Groomsmen outfits?

Overall, there’s a definite trend toward showing more personality in your style and a tailored look. There’s still a natural gravitation toward timeless, classic style - the photos are going to sit on your mantle forever, after all, so you don’t want to bow to short term gimmicks that will look ridiculous in ten years’ time! But there’s a surprising amount of flexibility and scope within the traditions of classic tailoring, and the days where every Groom wore the same style of black tux are long gone.

On the formal end of the spectrum that could mean playing with more adventurous colours and styles, like a luxurious cream dinner wool jacket. On the casual side that could mean playing with more relaxed fabrics and colours, like deconstructed blazers in cotton or a linen tailored jacket mixed with chinos.

It’s all about finding the look you’re comfortable in, for the style of wedding you’re having. More than ever, men are showing up to wedding styling appointments with a desire to craft something that’s unique and reflective of their own personality—a nice touch is monogramming your wedding date on your suit lining or shirt cuff.

How about in Grooms accessories and styling?

When it comes to accessories, we tend to see more dependence on classic colours and fabrics. There was a time, twenty or so years ago, when everybody was wearing colourful ties and matching pocket squares with boxy black suits - maybe seeing photos of how badly this look has dated has scared the younger generations in to an appreciation for classic accessories!

Overall, though, it’s a matter of pairing simple, timeless accessories with the formality of the wedding: a classic black self-tie bow tie and white pocket square with a tux, an elegant silk tie in timeless shades (like navy or charcoal) and pocket square with a wool cocktail suit, and similarly coloured ties and pocket squares in casual linen/cotton fabrics for more relaxed weddings.

There’s some room to have some fun and be playful, but it’s not really the time to take big risks or experiment with your style. Keep it classic, and let the quality of the garments do the leg work. The addition of details like a flower in the lapel can add colour and tie the Groom/Groomsmen in to the Bridesmaids, if necessary.

What are your favourite classic looks for Grooms and are most requested via the Showroom?

That’s a good question without a definite answer, because the truth is that more than ever, Grooms are showing an appetite for something unique and different. There’s probably three categories of what is most requested, though.

The first is a classic wool navy suit. Grooms in this category tend to want to tinker with some small details to ensure personality, such as wider lapels, cuffed trousers, and fun lining or monogramming, to remember the day. But overall it’s a very classic look that won’t date, it’s easy to match with Bridesmaids, and it works for any style of wedding.

The second category is on the formal spectrum. Grooms going down this path tend to want to put their own mark on a dinner suit, which could mean opting for a more casual linen/cotton fabric rather than wool, choosing a cream or white jacket with black trousers, or customising details like a bold satin lapel or ribbon down the trouser leg. If a customer wants to go formal, we find that they want it to be their version of formal.

The third category, and we’re seeing more of this than ever before, is a smart casual approach to wedding style. With so many weddings in tropical or rural destinations, and with the rules of tailoring shifting with each week, Grooms are increasingly keen for suiting separates in cotton and linen, playing with different colours and textures, and opting for deconstructed, unlined jackets with chinos and loafers.

What are the top tips you have for helping the Groom stand out?

We usually recommend the ‘rule of threes’ for styling a wedding party. That means that three elements of the Groom’s outfit should be different to their Groomsmen’s, to ensure they’re appropriately highlighted. That could mean the addition of an accessory like a tie, tinkering with details like contrasting lapels on your tux, or even opting for an entirely different colour of suit. The key, of course, is ensuring it all works in cohesion - the colour palate, formality and style still needs to work together, and needs to also work with respect to the Bridesmaids.

How far out from the wedding should Grooms start thinking about their suits?

If you want to go custom, tailored made-to-measure—at least 12 weeks. It’s supposed to be a fun experience, and planning ahead can really alleviate any pressure. We need 12 weeks from placement of order, ensuring the design consultation process and then measurements – for Groom and Groomsmen – goes by without any rush or stress, as well as production, and the window for last minute alterations and issues and coordination of the Groom and Groomsmen for final fittings.

With showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and New York - grooms can find one near them to ensure they're looking dapper on their big day.

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