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Wedding Rings for the Groom with Mens Rings Online

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Guys usually put a lot of thought into selecting an engagement ring for their fiancés (see our previous guides here), but they’ve really drew the short straw when it came to choosing their own wedding bands in the past. They were able to pick from gold or platinum, how exciting! Luckily, those days are over. Modern jewellers such as Mens Rings Online recognise that men want options too – their ring is an opportunity to show off their personal sense of style on an accessory they’re going to be wearing forever.

Deciding on the right material is one usually the first step in choosing a men’s wedding band. They usually come in one of the following: white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, platinum, palladium, titanium, stainless steel, tungsten and zirconium. Add on different widths, finishes and details – and the options really are endless!


Platinum is extremely durable, so it’s perfect for a man who works with his hands a lot. Mens Rings Online have platinum rings in just about every width so the groom can find something that works for him.

Black Rings

For the modern man, a black ring is a great option. Made from Tungsten, these rings also have the benefit of being incredibly affordable.

Gold Rings

Most men like to keep it classic with a gold ring, and for good reason! The gold style is timeless, but has also been reinvented with modern touches such as gold milgrain to add a little bit more detail.

Hammered Rings

I for one LOVE the texture of hammered rings! Add in a bit of extra detail like these added gold lines and the end result is stunning.


Adding extra details can really take a ring to the next level by creating a unique look. There are plenty of different options to add your own unique touch including diamonds, milgrain, carving, hammering and more. One of the most unique styles I found on Mens Rings Online was there range of wood rings that feature koa wood from Hawaii.

Mens Rings Online have a seemingly endless range, so your groom will definitely be able to find the perfect ring for him! There’s free express shipping plus a lifetime warranty so you’re in safe hands. If you’re one of my Kiwi followers, check out their New Zealand website here.

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