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Utopia by Suzanne Harward

Utopia is a limited-edition collection of hand-made couture gowns by the incredible Suzanne Harward. The feminine collection is truly exquisite, with it’s luxe fabrication and the signature silhouettes that Suzanne Harward is renowned for.

“Her soul is utterly captivating. She is fearless in her pursuit of truth, beauty and love. Follow her there, you will find a perfect love, like never before.”

Inspired by the feminine sartorialist and her innate sense of individuality, the couturier’s fashion-forward wedding gowns encompass an era-spanning elegance, a unique palette of muted tones and rich layers of texture.

The gorgeous collection was just launched at New York Bridal Fashion week – and there couldn’t have been more of a fitting location for this exquisite collection.

The gorgeous collection is heading over to Sydney during November for three days only.

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