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Suzanne Harward – Illuminati

Since establishing her couture label as a teenager in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Elwood in 1975, Suzanne Harward has grown to become one of Australia’s most inspiring high- fashion luxury brands. With a career spanning over four decades at the top of her industry, Suzanne Harward remains a definitive luminary in couture fashion design.

Based in the modish inner-city Melbourne suburb of Collingwood, the select team of artisans at Suzanne Harward go above and beyond to ensure your wedding gown is everything that you had envisioned, brought to life. Offering custom, made-to-measure and seasonal ready-to-wear lines that exhibit the finest in luxurious textiles and complex couture construction techniques.

Inspired by the feminine sartorialist and her innate sense of individuality, Suzanne Harward’s signature high fashion wedding gowns encompass era-spanning elegance, rich layers of texture and a unique palette of muted tones.

The new 2017 collection, Illuminati speaks to the heart of women who inspire and possess divine enlightenment or transcendent knowledge. She glows from within and radiates light wherever she goes. She is powerful, electric and bravely pierces the darkness with her all- encompassing light and warmth. She is unashamedly luminous. She is the illuminati.

Combining metallic accents of burnished gold and silver meshed with white, nude and oyster tones the overall feel of the collection transports you to another realm of expanded consciousness.

Resembling poetry or a magnificent 18th century artwork, each piece is left to the interpretation of the viewer and speaks to the heart of each woman who desires to share in its magic.

The word “illumination,” from the Latin word illuminare, meaning “light up,” is often thought to refer to the burnished gold and silver leaf found in many ancient manuscripts, however it actually refers to the painted decoration as a whole.

You are invited to personally view these extraordinary and strictly limited edition couture gowns at the Suzanne Harward showroom in Melbourne.

Consultations are by appointment only and can be made by calling +61 3 8415 0688 or visiting

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